Schools In India

Schools In India

Selecting a school to a child’s education is the most important aspect of the child’s success and has always been a tricky issue for the parents. India has a big population of schools. There are over 1.5 million schools with over 250 million students in schools in India, thereby making India one of the big schooling systems in the world.

The vibrant, proactive, educational experts and academicians of the Schools and School departments and the Departments/Directorates are the backbone of creating a strong India. Schools Key recognises the yeoman service rendered by the various departments in reconciling educational excellence and success to tackle social inequalities at the root and also churning the Indian school education system. Schools Key is more than happy to join the mission of creating a human asset talent pool for a better India of tomorrow by joining hands with the Departments/Directorates/Boards of School Education of all the States and Union Territories and the Academicians across the country.

Schools Key is a unique portal with the details of the schools across India and all Boards with a view to connecting the schools, the parents and the students in the future. The aim of the portal is to provide the details which are vital and important for the parents to decide the future and right education and career of their children.

Schools Key aims to enlighten and educate the parents and students about the various avenues of education and knowledge, institutions, schools of various states, their affiliations to the various Boards such as the State Boards, Matriculation, CBSE, ICSE, IB. It also aims to be an eye opener for parents and students to make the decision of their choice. It also plans to connect schools for mentorship by top academicians thereby creating a great educational eco system. It aims to provide the school students with career counselling on higher education, through top notch professionals.

Schools Key portal contains a comprehensive list of all schools, across boards, both with in India.  Schools Key portal has also taken efforts, to explain in brief, about the different Boards, for the benefit of the parents and students to enable them to make a right choice.