Special Schools

About 1.67 percent of India’s population between in the age group of 1 to 19 suffer from at least some form of a disability.  Of all people with disabilities in India, 35.39 percent are children.  In terms of numbers, it is a whopping 12 million children.  The 1995 Disability Act in India guarantees the right to free education to all children with disabilities till the age of 18.  Not only they are a neglected segment, but there is a need to build confidence and counsel the parent of the child on the need to treat them in a normal way and put them in an environment conducive for the faculties to grow.

The main objective of such Special Needs Schools is to integrate such children into the mainstream school environment.  Some of the learning disabilities that the children are afflicted with are Dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, cognitive disabilities and attention deficit disorder.  There are schools for children with such special needs and it required a different kind of approach to treating the children with care and attention that is required.  They are entitled to free transport, free uniforms, books and learning material and scholarships.

Schools Key.com is conscious of the fact that every citizen has a duty to serve and help in the process of inclusive education and towards this, has an exclusive section for Special Needs Schools.  The objective is to facilitate a parent to solicit such schools and ensure that their children also get an opportunity to join the mainstream education.

In India, there are more than 2500 schools for special needs children either supported by the government or run by NGOs and Private Institutions.  Schools Key.com has taken a concerted effort in providing information on such schools which are vital for the parents to know the kind of disorders and the remedy for the same.  The parent of the child has to submit a “Certificate of Disability”, issued by the Office of the Commissioner for Disabilities to admit the child in a Special Needs School.  It can be got from any government hospital.

The notion of Schools Key.com is that children with disabilities should have the same right to education as normal children devoid of any discrimination.   Schools Key. com believes that such children should be merged with the normal children.
Schools Key.com comes in handy with its well-curated list of Special Needs Schools. Schools Key believes in inclusive, non-exclusion, and preventing isolation was such otherwise abled children.