Indian Schools Abroad

A Panorama of Indian Schools Abroad

A decade back, the experts in education sector thought it fit to give an international hue to the existing pattern of curriculum framed and followed by the schools affiliated to the CBSE and the ICSE boards and certain other brands of schools.

The very idea was to give a shape to the Boards’ curriculum, the curriculum pattern of the International Baccalaureate (IB).  The purpose was to transform a knowledge-based curriculum to an activity-based learning one.  The underlying reason was based on a reading that the students of the India-centric curriculum were finding it a challenge to compete with the students on the international stage.

In order to synergise the Indian standards and the depth of education at the school level with that of the schools in overseas countries and IB schools, the Boards migrated to the new pattern of the curriculum.  The role of Indians settled overseas has to be applauded.  They took up the task of setting up schools in the larger interests of the parents and children who relocate to the countries, found it tough to get their wards admitted in the right school.

This has helped the children who relocated abroad either for a short or long duration, to learn the new cultures, learn new languages or not but the least, enjoy the warmth of our fellow Indians and the natives of the country which they relocate to. Many of the CBSE and ICSE affiliated schools are in the West and South Asian countries.  There are about 200 or above Indian schools abroad affiliated to CBSE and ICSE.

Schools Key enters as a handy partner in disseminating almost the complete details of Indian Schools Abroad.  Schools Key will help the parents to connect with the schools of their choice and as per the country, they are relocating to.  This is an enabling portal which facilitates the planning and decision making for the future of their children.