Coaching Institutes

It’s a race to excel. Towards these, everyone has an urge to outperform the other, in any form of the exam. The race commences from Class X onwards. A Coaching Centre is a ‘resort’ to a student to achieve the goal. A variance in the fraction of score makes all the difference. Entering into the top class Institutions requires a different method of learning. It involves a systematic plan of study and preparation to crack the entrance exams.

Coaching Centres play a huge role in building top-notch winners all the way. A student’s brilliance is measured from his/her scorecard. The course materials evolved over a period of time by the Coaching Centres are a big attraction and huge hit among those who solicit this route of preparation.

The advantages of taking the route of Coaching Centres are:

  1. Guidance from top-notch academic and exam experts
  2. Use of technology and other modern teaching aids
  3. Personal attention
  4. Better student-faculty ratio
  5. All the guidance at one place
  6. Specific entrance exam coaching
  7. Model, practice,  mock tests
  8. Time management techniques
  9. Exam preparation mentoring
  10. Stress management counselling

Schools has taken efforts to bring on board a curated list of Coaching Centres with a wide range of information about the Centres. It is more oriented towards facilitating a student in decision making. Schools has also strived to bring out features such as the best cities – where top coaching course wise /exam wise centres are available, the facilities, the course materials, the faculty, the time and other vital information which are essential for a parent/student to decide on the Centre.

It is always the past winners from a Centre who play the role of brand ambassador and the peer group. Schools Key facilitates a Centre to display the past winners of a Centre, to enable the students to rate the Centre, before taking admissions for different entrance exam courses. The other feature is the ‘offers and discounts’ for students who wish to register in a Centre of their choice and rating, through Schools