For seasons it is said - If spring comes, can winter be far behind? But, for schools, students and parents it is - If exams near, can exam fever be far behind? After exams - What after Class X, What after Class XII?
In such times, the way forward is getting the help of experts in the fields of Career Counselling and the schools linking up with professional Mentors for Schools and exposing their teaching fraternity to Modern Teaching Practices in vogue.
Experts in those fields are a boon for all the stake holders including the school, teachers, parents and the students.

Schools Key steps in with a high value proposition to provide continual, any time Expert Guidance in the most important aspects, which it feels would provide succour to the schools, students and parents.
The highlights of Expert Guidance by Schools Key are:

  • It adopts a 360 degree approach
  • It has on its panel experts with rich and long experience in the respective areas of expertise.
  • The areas of expert guidance provided on are:
    • Career guidance
    • Mentoring Schools
    • Modern Teaching Practices
    • Effective Parenting

A career choice should sprout from the school level.  Career Guidance helps in making a concerted choice.  It is at Class X level, the students and more importantly the parents find themselves at cross roads vis-à-vis the stream of study to be chosen at Class XI, etc.

Many a student land up in deciding on their career based on the most popular choice among their peers.  Research has it that 1 in 3 students are not happy with the career, which translates into a whopping half a million unhappy students at the university level. 

Right Stream basedon Right Aptitude will lead to a Right Career.   Taking the help of Expert Career counsellors in schools help prevent students from making career blunders.  A study shows 92% of students were not exposed to career guidance from their schools.

In the current scenario of high levels of stress, it is the professional mentors who hand hold the students – right from high school to his or her first job, beyond academics, be itdrawing their career plan or dealing with stress or facilitating them to find answers at every step starting from their school life.  A well-craftedmentoring program ignites the minds of the youngsters.

Schools Key, has on its panel, expert mentors who can transform the school image, the students, the teachers, and other stake holders and bring about a turnaround in human resource building and churn out the best heads into the Universities.  It also helps the schools achieve a turnaround in the efficiency of the students and the results of the school.

The benefits which accrue to all the stakeholders are:

  • Mentoring promotes healthy and positive relationships between those to be mentored and the mentor which in turn builds the capacity of the schools, teachers, students and parents to produce the best results in a stress free mode.
  • The act of Mentoring translates into literacy skills, self-esteem, confidence and social acceptance.

Mentoring could also result in:

  • Encouraging and promoting blended new initiatives like e-learning
  • Making a meaningful and making learning an activity with fun would translate into more meaningful exercise for the teachers and students
  • Inspiring young minds to observe, record,think analytically and report at an early stage in life.
  • Motivating teachers to work in newer and emerging areas.
  • Improving the quality of instruction and learning.


Black boards, ‘chalk and talk’ method has over a period of time, given way to more modern and contemporary/revolutionary methods of teaching, which are in vogue today in schools across the country.  It has been found that the ‘chalk and talk’ way has led to inferior results.

With the advent of technology, introduction of Smart Classes, use of audio visual aids, have made it obligatory on the part of teachers to equip themselves with the latest teaching tools.   Modern teaching practices encourage greater student interaction, the focus on enjoyment over grades is emphasised.Lesson plans that works and reaches the children, use of the appropriate teaching tool, etc. are more important for a teacher to teach and remain engaging.

Schools Key has on its panel, experts who have considerable and years of experience in sharing and inculcating modern teaching practices who will be engaging with the stakeholders on a continuous basis.

Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. A good parenting skillpredicts a strong parent-child bond and children's happiness, health, and success.  Effective parenting consists of firm, fair and friendly ways.

The indicators of an effective parent and child are the reflections of love and affection, less of stress on the child, a friendly and cordial relationship, a perceived independence, education and learning of the child, the signs of life skills, change in behavioural patterns and a robust health.

Effective parenting automatically leads to effective learning by a child and thus will result in a good future and career of the child.

Schools Key, has experienced and renowned experts in counselling for effective parenting.  All you need to do is to connect with them through Schools Key.